The crew


So we’re definitely not old salts – we didn’t even start sailing in a serious way until we were 40!Mark

Mark was fortunate to have a little dinghy and sailboard experience from his youth but Liz’s boat experience varied only between cruise ships and Mark’s parents’ cottage runabout.

In our previous lives, Mark was a CPA working for a trucking company and Liz a bankruptcy counsellor. It was our love of travel that prompted us to find some way of affording early retirement and travel at the same time.

Trips to the Toronto boat show were fun, but we never imagined that we could ever afford a boat of our own. It was pointed out to us that there was quite a market for used boats (what, someone with a boat would actually want to sell it?!) so our search began after some CYA lessons and we bought a 1979 Northern 29. Sojourn was a great first boat, and learning to sail, maintain, and improve it made us realize that taking your hotel room with you and using the wind to get you from place to place might be the ideal solution.

Some people think we’re crazy, and some think it’s great. We think it’s a little of both and time for┬ásome adventure.