Final post and farewell!

After 18 years of boating, including over two years of cruising involving offshore passages and coastal cruising, we have found new owners for Saving Grace so we can take a different tack (!) on our retirement.

We said it would be two years … or more (well, Mark did) for this adventure, but we feel that after two years it is time for a change.

We are very happy to say we took quite a few things off our bucket list: First, we got to live downtown Toronto for six months a year for six years! That was actually on Marks’s bucket list but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it too. Sailing from Toronto out the St. Lawrence River, seeing Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and sailing into Mark’s grandfather’s birthplace there, and sailing to Bermuda, Bahamas, back to Cape Breton and ending up on the US coast was a dream come true. What a journey!

In numerical terms we travelled over 8,900 nautical miles, including four major offshore passages ranging from 650-900 miles each, and made over 53 blog postings and about 95 different stops!

We cannot begin to count the number of new friends we have made nor tell you how much it meant to us meeting up with family members which we had not seen or even met before! These memories will last us the rest of our lives.

As we travelled, we found we were cruising differently than most other people we met. We were doing it full time while most others were cruising south in the winter but returning home for the summer. Full time travel made it more difficult to be away from family and friends, especially when health issues etc. arose, but it also meant we were able travel without the work of laying up and relaunching the boat each season as well as having the cost of another home. We are proud of ourselves for fulfilling a dream, and especially continuing on when things got rough and didn’t go the way we had hoped. Even though at times we thought it would have been nice having a home on land as well as on water, that is not how we planned it and I am not sure we would have ended up completing everything we did if we had.

So, to those who are still dreaming, we want to encourage you to just do it! Regardless of which way you choose to do it, don’t be one of those ones sitting on the dock just talking about it, make it happen! You won’t regret it!

As to our future plans, we are retiring (for a second time) but this time in Kingston, Ontario. It is a city we loved to visit on the boat and it has a lot to offer. We hope if any of our fellow boaters find yourself in the Port of Kingston Ontario, you will look us up (same email, same contact through our blog which will stay online for a while). It will be our turn to have you for a meal or take you grocery shopping!

Our last stop was here in Gloucester Point VA, at York River Yacht Haven. We absolutely loved it here and we want to thank Lisa and the gang for everything! You all were so friendly and accommodating. Between your friendly faces, the pool, courtesy car, ice cream and support we cannot say thank you enough. We’re also going to miss all the other boaters we met here: Art & Cindy, Don & Lavonne, Bebe & Randy, Kate & Pat, Yanni, Mike & Scrappy, Hope & Steve, Nina & Ron and Molly (sorry if we missed anybody!).

To our surprise, the new owners’ daughter’s middle name is also Grace, so we understand they intend to keep the name! We wish you Fair Winds and as much enjoyment as we had aboard Saving Grace.

So, thanks to every one of you who followed our blog and for all your support. We want to wish everyone all the best for the last time from Saving Grace along with a lot of love and hugs from Mark and Liz!!

Til we see you again…

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11 Responses to Final post and farewell!

  1. Warren says:

    We wish you well in your new endeavors. I was a lot of fun following your adventures. Good luck on land! Warren and Eileen

  2. Lorrie Brazeau says:

    It was such a treat and honor to share in following you two as you lived your dream. May God continue to bless you as you journey through the next chapter of your lives. Hope to see more of you in the near future. Love snd hugs. Lorrie

  3. Lorrie Costello says:

    You guys are amazing!! Happy retirement!! Our house is underway in Kelowna and we plan to move next July. If you ever find yourself in Kelowna, please look us up and we have lots of room for visitors. Enjoy Kingston. That was our plan and then we ended up in Kelowna. Love Kingston and the friendly people there.
    Take Lorrie and Steve Costello

  4. Carol I Wright says:

    It is so satisfying to have a dream and a plan and then follow it through to fruition. What memories you have made. Bob and I both enjoyed following you on your journey. Best of everything to you in the coming days. Love you both. Carol (aunt).

  5. Kate Cole says:

    Liz & Mark,
    We are so happy our paths crossed in Gloucester Point. You have had an amazing journey and it will be fun to see what new adventure lies ahead for the two of you! Enjoy some time to sit back, relax, catch-up with family and friends, and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Until we meet again, take care and keep enjoying life’s journey! Kate Cole and Pat Clancy (s/v Shanti, Eden Prairie MN USA)

  6. Cindy and Curtis says:

    Congratulations Mark and Liz on this new chapter in your journey. It has been so interesting following your adventure through this blog. Blessings as you continue your journey in Kingston and wherever life takes you. Curtis, Cindy and Hershey.

  7. John van-S says:

    I wish you all the best in your “New Life”. It was great to be part of your offshore experience and crew with you to Bermuda.

    SAVING GRACE is a fine boat and kept us all safe in some nasty weather at the start. She will carry her new owners safely to distant ports.

    With love and fond memories,

    John van-S

  8. Maura, Al & Alex De Luca says:

    Dearest Mark and Liz,
    its been such a pleasure to follow your posts and feel as though we were part of your crew. Liz you are a great story teller! You should consider writing during your retirement.
    We have missed you at the Lakefront Promenade Marina and hoped you might return with Saving Grace after your bucket list was complete but that was just hoping 🙂
    We wish you all the best as you take on new challenges and family responsibilities and please keep in touch.
    Yours friends,

  9. dgierula says:

    Congrats and all the best in retirement 2.0! The Saga family will miss you guys

  10. Liz & Mark says:

    Thanks everybody for your kind words and good wishes! We’re settling in and certainly are enjoying the new view!

  11. Steven Rose says:

    I somehow missed this when it came in mid-October. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog all the way along your incredible journey. If things go according to plan Liz and I will be heading to Newfoundland starting about June 1st, 2019. We would love to see you when we pass through Kingston. Perhaps you’d like to join us for a few days along the route.

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