America’s Historical Triangle

We’ve been referring to our current location as Yorktown, but technically that’s on the other side of the York River. We’re actually in Gloucester Point, VA at the mouth of Sarah Creek. Anyway, once we got here we had to see Claud, our crew (and friend!), leave for home. Again it was great to have him aboard and sad to see him go.

We took the next couple days to get settled and get reacquainted with the marina. As we mentioned before we had been here last fall but only for a few days.

We decided to rent a car for the week and visit the Historic Triangle, as they call it. It incorporates Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown. It was a lot to see so our week was very busy. Finally we were getting some much needed exercise with a lot of walking. Back in Port Canaveral we will admit we got lazy and didn’t do much after a while.

First up was Williamsburg and it was amazing. The old town covers over 300 acres and is operated much like a pioneer village with people in period costume and working at traditional crafts etc.. As I said a lot of walking!! There was the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol (Williamsburg was Virginia’s capital during colonial times), court house and family homes, farms, taverns, merchants, traditional workshops, museums and more. We took two days to make our way through it.

The Yorktown site incorporates a small village and its shops and museums, the Yorktown monument and the battlefield of the last battle of the Revolutionary war. You had to take your car to the many points of interest across the battlefield as it was quite large. It was very interesting, however I have to admit that the temperatures were over 30 degrees so as we drove up to each sight I opted to stay in the air conditioned car and read the plaques from there whereas Mark was brave and went outside to actually walk around the area. The museum had live demonstrations of cannon and musket firing, so that was pretty cool (and loud!) too.

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement but unlike Williamsburg and Yorktown, was eventually abandoned after the capital was moved to Williamsburg in 1699. The site is divided into two different areas, Historic Jamestown (the original site, with archeologists still working on it) and Jamestown Settlement (a re-creation). Both were very interesting. They each had a museum and a walking path outside where you could stroll through the site and listen to guides or talk to people as they reenacted their daily living schedules. The Settlement also had re-creations of the three ships that carried the original settlers. One of them had dimensions that didn’t seem much bigger than our boat, although with an upper deck, it sure carried a lot more and looked quite top heavy.

The Historic Jamestown museum had a lot of artifacts from that site. We also heard about how the settlement was waiting in 1609 for re-supply from the ship Sea Venture and having to wait nearly a year because it had been shipwrecked in Bermuda during a hurricane. Of course, we had heard all about that when we were in Bermuda as that shipwreck led to the founding of the Bermuda colony, but the different perspective of the same story was what made it interesting.

On Sunday we found the Salvation Army in Hampton. It was Mother’s Day so there were a few more people that usual there but even then we estimated no more than 40 were in attendance. It was a good service.

Sadly we had to return the car and our touring for now was over. The marina here has a courtesy car for our use for groceries and other short errands, so that’s a bonus. The other bonus is their huge pool! We had to wait a couple of weeks for them to get it ready for summer, but it sure is nice to have here.

We have met some nice boaters here.  A neighbour on our starboard side has a Kadey-Krogen with 3 dogs, and our neighbour to our portside is a Meridian 441 with a 4 month old springer puppy named Rudder! We also met Wes and Theresa aboard Westerly, a trawler, but unfortunately they have left already to do the Loop. We wish them safe travels. Don and LaVonne Joyce who have a 78′ Catermaran called Cat’s Meow are also liveaboards on our dock so we have been spending a lot of time with them. They are from this area but have just returned from the Caribbean. LaVonne invited me on a girls day out in Deltaville where we met up with 3 more ladies, Amy, Hope and Betsy. I had a great time. We had lunch out and went to a outdoor Art Walk. I am also very grateful to LaVonne for getting back into walking. We walk each morning and then we go to the pool every afternoon.  Finally I am getting the exercise I need! Unfortunately LaVonne has to have knee surgery and they are hauling the boat to get the bottom done so they will be leaving us soon. They will return in September to get the boat stocked for going south again for the winter. I guess I will have to con Mark into walking with me now!

It turns out that LaVonne and Don knew a couple that we had previously met as well, Chris and Bill aboard Plover, a Dickerson 41. I think we mentioned them in a previous blog when we were in Shelburne. It turns out that is where LaVonne and Don met them too. We were able to spend some time getting reacquainted with Chris and Bill as LaVonne invited over to Cats Meow for dinner and for lunch the next day. It was really nice sharing stories with everyone, especially some Newfoundland stories as all of us had spent time there.

I just had to show you a picture of the pool again. It is just beautiful and we have spent a lot of time there as the temperatures have been well into the 30’s (over 90 as they say here) for days on end. The staff keep it very clean and it has turned out to be a great meeting place. That’s actually a huge magnolia tree at the other end, but there were only a few blossoms coming out at a time, unlike magnolias we see at home. I must say the staff here are really good and friendly and it has been wonderful getting to know Lisa the dock manager.

Well, even though we are still here for awhile, we wanted to say hi to everyone and fill you in on what we have been up to here in Virginia. We’ve also added a gallery on the gallery page with more pictures than we could include here.

Til we write again…

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