Passage to Yorktown

We left Ocean Club Marina at Port Canaveral late Monday evening. Our original plan was to leave Tuesday morning but as we were sitting on our boat visiting with Claud, our crew, we realized it was much better to leave that night instead. It was calmer than we knew it would be in the morning and it was a beautiful night. We had already moved out of our slip earlier in the afternoon down to the end of the dock to top up on fuel so we were all set to go!

Anyway, 4 days and 10 hours later we arrived at York River Yacht Haven in Yorktown Virginia. We had stayed here last fall for a few days and wanted to come back and explore the area, which apparently has quite a number of historical sites to take in.

The passage was 650 nm and was very good. Mostly good sailing mixed with some motoring. Clear skies, no rain, and lots of stars and a full moon!! Claud was great once again. We knew we had to be in by today (Saturday) because of some unsettled weather coming in for awhile so we decided to bypass Charleston and come directly here. That also meant we got to enjoy the benefit of the Gulf Stream current for most of the trip until we passed Cape Hatteras, where the Stream turns east to head across the Atlantic.

We saw lots of commercial traffic, an aircraft carrier and even heard some distant sonic booms but only a couple of other sailboats. One of them, a gorgeous Cabo Rico 56 named Jama was passing us as we were sailing about five miles off the North Carolina Outer Banks. I should mention that our sails were reefed and we were sailing slow on purpose so we wouldn’t get to Yorktown in the wee hours, or he certainly wouldn’t have passed us as easily! The owner called us on the VHF for a friendly chat and to see what kind of boat we had. I mentioned that our good friends, Steve and Liz who we knew from our winter liveaboard marina in Toronto, had a Cabo Rico 42 and he knew them right away! The best part was, an hour or so later we got a text from Steve with a picture of our boat! Five miles offshore and we were getting cell coverage! What a crazy small world!

It was sad to leave Ocean Club Marina. We really enjoyed our time there. The staff, docks and facilities were great! Maybe we will get to go back someday. Also, a great thanks to Claud for joining us on our passage. It was great to have you aboard once again!

Anyway, it’s time to start enjoying another new place!!

Til we write again…

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